Monday, September 24, 2012

After a while


Its been a while kan since my last update. sorry for that. it just that i have been tied up with lots of things. final exam, studying *yeah right* and lot of other things.
so, let me briefly tell you the story about the most uprecent thing for me, well, i got what i wanted. my dream to fly :)

okay, so i ended my study at uitm. well, its such a good place. met with a lot of wonderful people and gathered a lot of wonderful memories but still, have to move on for the sake of my dream. i would feel ashamed to leave such wonderful place but as saying goes, once stay in your heart, will always there in your heart. * i made that up :p*

so, i managed to get the cadetship from Airasia. yeah, thats the only airline in Malaysia that offered cadet programme. as we all know, the other airline in the country *you know which one* is suffering quite hard time in this period. so they have to pull back and stall perhaps if not ended the cadet programme.

i have to say, Airasia selection are quite stringent. quite difficult but if you determined and got few tricks here and there, you can get it. everyone applied online through their website and wait patiently crossing their fingers * and a lot of email checking yeah*, those who are lucky enough will be call up for the assessment. so lets me brief a bit about what i had undergone through the selection process.

first stage, the assessment. the venue is airasia academy located in south southern support zone of the klia which is quite near to the LCCT itself. there you will meet people from all over the country. be prepared to brush up your english as english is the medium to communicate here.

first stage comprises of written examination of several subjects. most are at the SPM level except English. English test is the typical MUET level with a lot of long article or story you have to read and choose the answer accordingly. for most some that get through, according to them, this is the hardest stage of all. with limited time and with just basic calculator, seriously, it such a hard time.

after that, if you managed to get through, you will be invited for the interview with the captains and some of the pilots. had a good time chatting with them and yeah, you are expected to know a bit about the company and about aviation. but yeah for aviation junky like me, its quite fun actually to talk about things that we interested with the people whom actually understand. so for me it went well and we shaked hands eah other with smile on our face.

next, third stage, CASS test. CAE Aviation Selection System. It comprises of few phases which included interview, personal questionaires and yeah some flying in flight simulator. the one who handled the test will be fly from their respective country, for my time they were from India. i believe this is the second hardest stage of all after the assessment. after you finished with them, it took quite a time about 2 weeks for the result to be compile and you will be assessed from a lot of different perspective and a chart will be produced whether you are trainable for airline operation or not. had quite a good time there although quite tiring but i heard from the captains there to test our endurance so i guess its quite normal. stayed at the academy for 14 hours though. arrived there 7.30 am in the morning and left 9.30 pm just 20 mins before my flight back home.

and final stage, CRM exercise. CRM stands for Crew Resource Management. this i also one of the development in aviation industry. it is noted that most of the accident in aviation were caused by poor crew coordination which mean there are no team work. here we are test with group working and presentation infront of the captains to test whether we can play our role well in group or not. again, it is quite fun. :)

and yeah, alhamdulilah, i managed to pass everything. :) why i wanted this so much? because we are secured with a job after we graduated so yeah no need for another job seeking and practice in front of the mirror for the interview. not to forget we are paid with allowance too. :P entering private is not an option for me financially and from the industry perspective.

i also managed to shake hands and met with airasia group ceo, tan sri tony fernandes. he played a big role in my dream archieving process. he is the greatest dreamer, so am i.

so here i am standing, grateful for everything i have done because finally i can live my dream. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

a tale to be told

hello. i know its been a long time since i last posted here. life just kept me busy. :) as you all know, im currently in UiTM. pursuing diploma in quantity surveying. at first i thought no no. this is not what i wanted. you know how much i want to be an aviator. its been my lifelong dreams since i was just a baby. :P but yes, when i got the offer, i did went for it and now, this is where i am. UiTM Perak Seri Iskandar campus.

at first, hummmm, this is gonna be boring. start studying all over again, become a junior again. the first week went by. so far so good. nothing spectacular happened. then i met all my classmates. they are awesome. and in front of me i saw this one girl, wearing green kurung, sat in front of me, being a shy as me as we didnt know others much yet.

then i decided to sat beside her. asked her name, it's Farhana, while asking for schedule for our first semester as an excuse. she greeted me nicely. im starting to like this girl since day one. but im afraid to move forward. since we didnt know each other much yet.

our very first pic together :)

fast forward couple of months, she become one of my best friend in this campus. we went out together with other friends. she is the most closest girl i have here. then one night changed it all.

that night, i still remembered. 5 of us went out for overnight. that included me and her of course. i still remembered vividly that night. i parked the car in front of KTM station in Ipoh, while waiting for my friend to endevour together to Lumut. as that time was almost midnight, she was quite sleepy. and she felt asleep. in the middle and rested her head on the driver headrest. since im the one who drive, i decided to lean backward. i can felt her head. and i felt so close to her.

fast forward few weeks, she is my other half. i just loved her so much since day 1 i met her. and it always grow every minute passed by. finally i felt my life is complete with her presence. she's the one whom ive been looking for all these time. it just feels so complete. she's make me happy. money doesnt matter, happiness is the most important thing in my life. and i finally found my source of happiness. she is Nurul Farhana Bt. Azhar. :) Iloveyou baby. so much i do. :)come live in my heart, and pay no rent as your place is always here. finally i found the reason why God want me to stuck in seri iskandar eventhough this is not what i wanted.

To laugh often and love much... to appreciate beauty,
to find the best in others, to give one's self... may death due us apart.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Holiday Summarized

i am currently enjoying my semester break. just back last week from a trip with my friend. a trip at first was meant to be job seeking trip but turns out to be adventorous trip. i'll update with you guys soon. thanks and take care :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey Back

Hey guys. It's been a long time isn't it? haha. sorry. it's not my intention to leave this blog unmonitored but life kept me busy for the past few months. especially when i sat for my SPM last november. nothing interesting and awakening happened between nov and dec last year.

Right now at home while other kids are at school. sorry KIDS. it's the truth. you're not adult until 18. haha. doing nothing right now except facing my computer screen. oh ya, i'm waiting for my result. airasia cadet pilot selection result. it would be out latest by 11th so crossing my fingers right now. if i can, i want to cross my leg too. haha. that's all. tata.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

hidup ini perlu enjoy

hai. salam hormat dr sy skeluarga. selamat hari raya aidilfitri ya semua. alaa, best kan raya tahun ni? best kan, sebab sy boleh beraya dengan *****. haha. standard la kan mesti happy raya ngn your other half kan, excited sepenuh hati dah kot nak raya. sekarang nie kan kan, 4.30 am. 30 ramadhan. tak boleh tido smalaman. teringat cerita how i met your mother kat starworld tadi. hi, saya shahiez, pilot. boleh ke seduce perempuan? orang cakap no try no know. aik, betul ke hah? ikut la. saya peduli apa. saya nk raya. haha. best jgak eh post blog malam2 gnie. syahdu rasa di kalbu. ayat amik dr lirik lagu okee. haha. see ya guys. just a quick update. bye2. have blast in this aidilfitri ya..

Monday, August 9, 2010


Thank you for instilled the sense of awareness inside me that i will be facing for SPM soon. haha. when i think about it, this is the only moment in my life that im opened to the widest chances and possibilities in my life. i can be whoever i wanted to be and i can choose how and what life i wanted to lead. So ive made up my choices and quite confident with it. i will succeed no matter what. thats all. i will succeed. i will and i will. no one can say i cant and no one can change my goal.

addmath seems easier right now. haha. now im confident i can get A for addmath this coming trial. wish me lucks ya!.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


hey guys. its been a while kan since i last updated this blog. let me tell you a story. i went to sunway pyramid ice!...guess what i did? skating of course...duhhhh......and im freaking excited to know that i can ice skate. pretty lame right? a bit outdated am i? yeah i am. haha. it was a blast really. felt down on the ice doesnt hurt that much but you just got your butt wet. yeah, really wet so for girls, no sweat pant is allowed if you doesnt want to show the world your .....and yeah...i went to KL again for 3rd time this year...i guess its sounded like small for some of you but mind you, I never think KL is my just doesnt.....i still cant make myself feel secure and yet to feel at home whenever im in KL...and for sure, eclipse is present in my to-do list.

what can i say about eclipse, it just it yourself then you will know it. okay, ive been out of course actually. wonder why i included the video above? let take a portion of its lyric:

Dulu aku pernah menderita
Bila hatiku kau lukakan
Oh... oh... kini kau pula merasakan
Bersama dia yang kau puja

yeah, those who are unfaithfull, should take this lyric as a lesson. when you hurted someone, sooner or later your turn will come.